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Risperdal 3 mg price

Gynecomastia caused by risperdal may develop in one or both breasts.


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risperdal works as an antipsychotic by blocking the activity of dopamine in certain areas of the brain but blocking dopamine also has an effect on the pituitary gland.

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june 14, 2011 — the fda has issued an alert about medication errors involving patients who were mistakenly given the antipsychotic risperidone, brand name risperdal instead of ropinirole requip , which is used to treat parkinson s disease and restless legs syndrome, or vice versa.

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a year and a half ago i was forced to take risperdal by the housing i lived in, private through an agency, due to the fact i was hospitalized for a major panic attack.

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my doctor just increased my pristiq to 100mg and put me on risperdall not sure of the spelling .

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Since labeling kids adhd brings more money from drug makers, risperdal said.

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